Tech Suit Policy


Fastskin products have been specially developed using select materials and technologies to meet the demanding needs of athletes at the highest level while racing.   

We cannot guarantee that your Fastskin product will last forever. In order to ensure the longest life possible for your Fastskin suit each item should be handled according to the following Fastskin Care Instructions…

Fastskin suits are tight fitting due to the compression and care must be taken when fitting.

  1. Fold out the silicone grippers on the legs of the suit before you put it on to ensure it doesn't stick to your skin.
  2. Do not pull on the thinnest parts of the suit; try to use the seams where possible.
  3. Pull the suit on straight, do not roll or stretch it.
  4. The hips are the biggest part of the body to get the suit over and should take the longest time.
  5. Once the suit is fitted correctly fold down the silicone grippers and you are ready to race.


-      Keep away from sharp objects and long nails.

-      When putting the suit on try to use only the pads of your fingers.

-      Wearing the suit for racing only will prolong the lifespan of the suit.

-      Lay your suit out flat and re-shape it after use.

-      Rinse immediately in clean cold water after use. Chlorine will damage the suit over time.

Swim Quik is committed to providing you with quality products. We manufacture our products to the highest manufacturing and quality control standards. These high performance garments are on the very edge of what is possible from materials, processes and manufacturing techniques. From time to time a garment may not perform as expected. In the unlikely event that you believe the goods to be faulty please contact a representative at the Authorized Retailer where the suit was purchased for inspection.

Please note the following misuse is not covered by the Fastskin warranty.

-      Pinch, pressure, or fingernail tears (May be covered by the Share in the Tear Policy).

-      Melting of fabric due to exposure to excessive heat.

-      Damage from sunlight, harsh chlorine, improper recreational use, or any damage beyond the product’s natural life   

-      Surface rips or abrasions caused by normal wear and tear.

-      Consequential or incidental damage (where applicable) i.e. pulling too hard and breaking a bonded seam.

-      Deterioration of garment from improper use and/or improper care.

-      Delaminated bonded garments caused by exposure to a washer/dryer or iron or other form of heat.

-      Modifications to the garment in any way. This includes but is not limited to:

After purchase screen printing
Drawing on the garment with any form of marker
Repairs of any kind