Squid Prints

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Bags, etc. We can make your ideas a reality!
To be eligible for 10% off your order must meet the following guidelines.
  • Artwork is complete and approved. Artwork created or re-drawn in house will be subject to a $20 art fee. Provided artwork preferred to be in vector format.
  • Sizes and garments selected and submitted.
  • Payment due prior to pick up.
100% Cotton T-Shirt with 2-color front design     Price estimate 100% Cotton Hoodie with 2-color front design Price Estimate
12   $10.75 12    $26.25
24   $8.75 24    $24.50
50   $7.75 50    $23.50
For a quote on your order, please email vic@swimquik.com. Prices may vary based on garment and design.
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